The Conservatory



Mike’s Conservatory was founded in May 2000. We provide a wide range of musical education for children over the territory. Our centre is at the prime location of Western Mid-levels of HK Island. Specialized in providing musical instrumental training, languages and arts learning courses, our centre has built up a team of more than 40 professional instructors.



In view of the fast and ever changing learning pace nowadays in Hong Kong, it is indeed hard for our children to participate in various extra-curricular activities during their schoolings. Our mission is therefore to strive to personalize our musical training courses to our students with regards to their own personalities and strengths. We also encourage parents of our students to accompany them to attend courses in order for students to acquire the most fruitful and efficient learning experiences.



Our ultimate aim is to encourage our students to participate in public examinations as well as various music contests organised in Hong Kong. Through our traditional and well-structured musical training, our students not only can enjoy the wonderful learning experiences but also more importantly to acquire professional qualifications in their life-long musical education. Over the past years, there have been a number of our students, after having acquired professional qualifications through our training, becoming our conservatory’s instructors and contribute to our centre. Moreover, on-job training would be provided to our instructors at the aim to continue improving our teaching methods and provide the best learning environments to our students.



Our Conservatory occupies approximately 3000 square feet and accommodates more than 20 classrooms. All the classrooms are well-equipped. We have two drum sets, five KAWAI grand pianos and various YAMAHA & KAWAI up-right pianos. We are the practical examinations studio of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) every year.


Online Sharing

We promote online sharing of both instructors’ and students’ demonstration of each type of teaching materials. You may visit our YouTube channel for more details.